Plumbing Remodels

James Plumbing in Greeley offers plumbing for remodels of any scope or size.  Bathroom, kitchen, laundry rooms.  Full remodel or update.

Are you thinking of a kitchen remodel? A bathroom remodel? Maybe you’d like to create a more functional laundry area. Whether it’s a full remodel or a quick facelift, James Plumbing of Greeley can help! Your plumbing remodel is just too important to hire anyone other than a licensed professional.

If your kitchen or bathroom has not been updated in a while, it’s likely due for a makeover. You can improve the appearance, make the area more comfortable, create a more efficient layout, or simply make your home more attractive to potential buyers. A kitchen or bath remodel is sure to bring an increase in your home’s value. In fact, you’re going to get the most return from this type of remodel than any other. This is also an ideal time to go green. There are many appliances and fixtures that will allow for water conservation and provide you with a dramatic decrease in your water bill!

Are you remodeling other areas of your home? Homes obviously have water fixtures in places like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room but additional pipes run throughout the home in a complex network in most walls and ceilings. Remodeling your home may have you bringing water into new rooms, moving walls that contain water pipes, or in other ways coming in contact with the homes plumbing system. James Plumbing can be the skilled service you need to complete these important tasks.

Remodeling projects can be exciting but also overwhelming. James Plumbing in Greeley is here to make sure the project runs smoothly and be a trusted source of information and support. Make the most out of your home. Call us at 970-388-8579 to request an estimate to complete a beautiful kitchen or bathroom today!



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