Gas Line Pipe Installation & Repair

James Plumbing offers expert repair and installation of gas line systems in the Greeley area.

Most homes have gas lines for furnaces, stoves, fireplaces or other appliances. The gas lines are what delivers this energy source to the home safely. These lines must meet certain standards to ensure there are no leaks that would be harmful to the home or business inhabitants.  At James Plumbing, it’s our job to install or repair these gas pipes to properly and safely deliver gas to the home.

Gas Line Repair

There are many contributing factors to the erosion of a gas line pipe. A gas leak is most likely to occur on aging gas lines. Gas is odorless and colorless.  Gas companies have added a “rotten egg” smell to help alert consumers of gas leaks.  If you can smell that “rotten egg” smell you should immediately shut off the gas valve.  Please give us a call and we would be happy to assist with the situation.  We will first shut down the main gas line for your safety.  We will find the gas line leak and either repair or replace as needed.  We also make sure that our work is pressure tested to ensure that no leaks are present.

If there is no hot water in your home, you may have a broken water heater, or maybe the pilot light needs to be re-lit.  Deteriorating vegetation near a gas line may be an indication of a leak.  Give us a call and we will help determine exactly what your gas line repair needs are.

All gas line repairs are air tested or soap tested upon completion.

Gas Line Installation

Gas line installations can range from a simple line system running to a grill or outdoor fireplace to multiple lines running to a system of appliances in both interior and exterior of a property.  All gas line installations will be done to code, with the proper materials and done right the first time. We guarantee that our customer’s home or business is properly secured whenever we are installing a gas line.

All gas line installations are air tested or soap tested upon completion.

For proper gas line installation in the Greeley area, please call at James Plumbing at 970-388-8579.

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