Pressure Reducing & Shutoff Valves

James Plumbing in Greeley can provide service, repair and replacement on all types of water valves.

Water comes into a home at varying pressures and therefore needs to be moderated.  Pressure reducing valves (PRV’s) control the flow of water to certain appliances or fixtures, most of which require a certain range of pressure to function at their best.  Too much pressure and your joints and piping can fail.  Low pressure can cause blockages in your lines that can result in major damage as well. Pressure controlling valves help to avoid damage to appliances or accidents involving burst pipes. They also enhance your water system’s performance, reduce operating costs, and ensure a longer life for other plumbing fixtures.

A shutoff valve is the most common type of valve used in homes. It does not moderate or regulate flow and should either be completely open or completely closed. These valves are easily repaired or replaced by a professional protecting you against potential disasters.  Small shutoff valves are typically installed on any water-using fixture in the house including toilets, faucets, dishwashers, and water heaters. Other shutoff valves can be installed for controlling the water for specific areas of the house.  The main shutoff valve will control the entire water flow into the home and is commonly found next to the water meter or in a basement. Because shut-off valves are usually kept in open areas they are susceptible to mineral deposits, the rubber stops and gaskets can dry out or corrode, and threads can become stripped.  A compromised valve will need to be repaired or replaced right away as they can cause water pressure issues or even a burst pipe.

James Plumbing also installs and services Vacuum Breakers for sprinkler systems.

If you suspect you have a water pressure problem or a leaking or damaged valve in your home or business, James Plumbing in Greeley can diagnose the problem and resolve the issue whether than means simply adjusting your valve or replacing it.  We’re here to help.  Contact us at 970-388-8579.

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