Toilets, Urinals, Bath Tubs, & Showers

James Plumbing in Greeley is committed to providing top quality bathroom plumbing services to our customers. We have the capability to meet any plumbing need from simple repairs, to regular service, to the installation of sophisticated plumbing systems.

James Plumbing can provide the following services to either home or commercial settings:

  • Service, Repair and Installation of toilets, commodes, urinals
  • Adding or remodeling a bath room or rest room facilities
  • Repairing water supply or drainage leaks


New Construction & Repair: It would be our pleasure to take your plumbing project from start to finish with you.  We understand how important the initial installation of toilets, urinals, bath tubs and showers can be–we’ve repaired enough bad plumbing installation in the past! If you’re having problems with old plumbing work you can call us to have that repaired or serviced right away. Own a business? Have James Plumbing provide regular maintenance on your bathroom facilities to avoid paying for wasted water on leaks and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Contact James Plumbing in Greeley at 970-388-8579.  We are happy to assist you!


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