Water Softeners

James Plumbing has made a point of becoming a specialist in most brands of water softeners.  We can repair or simply tune-up the system you have now.  Before you replace your softener, have it checked out by a water softener expert.

We can provide:

  • Performance Tune-Ups
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Water Softener Parts and Repairs
  • Emergency Service


Water Softener Installation

Water softening is the removal of minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water making is softer.  Hard water interferes with the actions of soaps and is the cause of soap scum, limescale buildup and pipe corrosion. A quality water softener that has been properly installed will extend the life of common household appliances such as washing machines, water heaters, heating and air conditioners and will prevent limescale build up on your pipes and plumbing.

Water softening will also help rinse soap residue more completely which leaves clothes, dishes, skin and hair looking and feeling cleaner. Less soap scum and film left behind will keep bathtubs, showers, and sinks cleaner looking and easier to maintain. Soft water will also reduce the amount of detergent or soap you need for any cleaning thereby lowering the expense of these products.

Whether you are looking for a quote on a complete water softening system or you need to discuss the benefits of installing a water softener, we can help. Call James Plumbing at 970-388-8579.


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